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Van den Goorbergh is just as in the engine as his idol Márquez

Motorcycle racer Zonta van den Goorbergh has a bit of the same driving style as Marc Márquez. That is convenient because the Spanish six-time world champion in MotoGP is the great idol of the 16-year-old from Brabant, who will make his debut in the World Championships motorcycle race in the Grand Prix of Qatar next weekend. “Like Márquez, I’m also way off the bike in the corners. But I didn’t copy that from him; that’s just the way I feel comfortable.”

Van den Goorbergh follows in the footsteps of his father Jurgen, who for many years upheld Dutch honor in the 250 and 500cc and was able to compete with the best in the top class of motorsport. “I want to eventually go to MotoGP and become a champion. Every motorcycle racer wants that. It does mean that I have to improve my father’s performance,” said the teenager, who will compete in Moto2 this season for the Dutch team of Drenthe businessman Roelof. waning.

The comparison with Max Verstappen is easily made. Just like father Jos, sire Jurgen has guided his son from an early age and prepared him for the highest level. “Yet I was only 10 when I first rode a motorcycle on a road circuit. Before that, I mainly rode motocross. I actually wanted to become a professional motocross rider, but my parents preferred to see me in road racing, and in the end, I chose it. it didn’t matter at all.”



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